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Leuterio Realty and Brokerage

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The Leuterio Realty & Brokerage website was live since last 2 weeks ago and now it’s been among the top 20,000 most visited websites in the Philippines. Not too shabby considering this was launched recently.

The power comes from Leuterio Realty members, brokers and licensed agents who visited the website frequently to post, update and gather listings for their clients.

The official website of Leuterio Realty is http://www.leuteriorealty.com and it’s now soon to be the best and foremost authority in brokerage listings for Metro Cebu and soon around the neighboring provinces and cities like Cagayan De Oro, Bohol, Davao and will be conquering greater Manila soon.

Currently as of this writing, the site boost over 9 Billion pesos of brokerage listings with new listings added everyday. That’s how huge opportunity in the real estate business here in Cebu.

That’s only brokerage listing and what if we add the development listings, the amount will be staggering and unthinkable. Think how many B’s will that be. Did Bruno Mars ring a bell for you? 😉

Among the most visited listings were townhouses that are for sale, pre-selling or ready to occupy and those that townhouses that are for sale by owner. (FSBO).

Surely there are lots of people looking for a house to live in or for investment. If you are looking for a property, look nowhere else but on Leuterio Realty & Brokerage website and of course this website which specializes in taking care of what our clients needs and wants.

Among other properties listed are:

  • beach resorts
  • beach front
  • beach lot
  • rush sale house and lot in cebu
  • and different lot types, e.g. residential, industrial or farm

Here, we will give you an unfair advantage over other realty firms because we have almost all the listings that you want. If you are the right buyer, you have the right firm to approach.

Click below to go the Official Leuterio Realty website:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Real Estate FAQ

Why should I choose real estate among other investments?

Because real estate is a hard asset, it will always maintain its value. It is one of the safer investments and it is a hedge against inflation. Real estate is also a good addition to your portfolio of assets and investments. For us Filipinos who dream of owning a home real estate gives pride of ownership-a testament to years of hard work and achievements, and a possession that can be passed on for generations.

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Why should I invest real estate in Cebu?

Where else can we all relive happy childhood moments, good old family traditions and savor the beautiful island  than Cebu, Philippines? While the rest of the world is experiencing negative temperature and slower economic growth, the peaceful, tropical that is Cebu continues to enjoy a warm, sunny climate that is ideal for any type of activity—for work, traveling, or even starting a family. Cebu real estate as well as cost of living here are still more affordable than properties overseas. There is indeed no place like home, like Cebu.

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Why should I choose a pre-sold property?

Buying a property during its pre-selling stage gives you the best deal in terms of pricing, because its value will naturally increase upon completion. Additionally, you will be given many options for your unit or house and lot, in terms of location, floor, layout and inclusions. However, buyers must only purchase a pre-sold property from a reliable developer—one that has a track record, exemplary projects and industry experience.

3 most popular developers in Cebu are Primary Homes, AyalaLand & AboitizLand though others also on the top ten.

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I need a house in Cebu, can you find one for me?

There are lots of properties in Cebu. For sale by owner(FSBO) are dime a dozen I see it everyday from my partners in the business who offer thier list and searching through Google. Even if we list them all to you, you still cannot decide what is best.

What sets apart from having we as your sales professional is we find what’s best for you. Just contact us, say what you want and we will accomodate your needs. Whether it’s a dream house, a vacation house or a property for investment to generate an income like an apartment building or a land, we will find and give you the best offer possible.

Why you have to deal with us?

You can trust our Filipino Homes brand, we are professionals and license to give you what you want and need. Call us anytime at 2323-966. Look for Clifford Enoc.

If you prefer to send SMS or text messages, simply use this numbers: 0905-9146555 or on my SUN number: 0932-5203400

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Do I need a real estate agent? Why not go directly to the developer?

Real estate agent will help you find the best property that will suit to your need. Also, you have someone who will be working to protect your best interest as he will be the one to guide you all throughout the business transactions.

Without a real estate agent under your employ, your choices of buying a new built home are radically limited. Yet, with a professional working on your behalf, you are likely to get the best deals.

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Why should I choose Filipino Homes International?

Filipino Homes International realtors, brokers and agents are honest, God-fearing and professional business people. We strive to be the best and to be the number one realty in the Philippines.

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