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Cebu Real Estate by CebuDotcom is about updates & news page for real estate buying and selling as well as investing properties in Cebu, Philippines.

It showcase all about house & lot for sale or for sale by owner (FSBO), lot only, high & midrise condominium and any real estate property for sale or lease.

In choosing the best house for your family the first priority is the Location. You choose what is best and accessible to your everyday destination. It has to be safe when it comes to rides and transportation, and lastly the price has to coincide to its SPECS and zonal value. Try to ask for professional advice and assistance to our respective agents and consultants. We will be definitely HELP you fullfill your dreams.

CebuDotCom: What this site offers

There are lots of properties all over Cebu. For sale by owner(FSBO) are everywhere and I see it everyday from my business partners who post their listings and also by searching Google. We made searching your desired property easier for you by selecting only the Cebu best properties.

What sets apart from us as your sales professional working on your behalf is that we will give what is best for you with the best price. You can be assured that you will find Cebu’s best properties that we have on our listings.

To begin, first inform us in whatever means necessary, tell us what you want and we will accomodate your needs.

Whether it’s a dream house, a vacation house or a property for investment to generate an income like an apartment building or a land or perhaps a condominium, we will find these for you.

Why you are confident to deal with us?

You can trust our Filipino Homes brand, we are professionals and license to give you what you want and need. Call us anytime at (032) 2323-966. Look for Clifford Enoc.

If you prefer to send SMS or text messages, simply use this numbers: 0905.3704.724 or on my SUN number: 0922.3979.457

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